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The Beef Bucks program has been incorporated as a non-profit organization for the purpose of promoting the beef industry as well as educating consumers, since its formation in De Smet, SD in 1997. A volunteer board of directors over-sees the 501(c)(6) non-profit Beef Bucks organization. These beef industry oriented volunteer individuals are JoAnne Hillman, President; Eileen Moller, Vice President; Bob Montross, Treasurer; Judy Blindauer, Director; Todd Olinger (Woonsocket), Director; Jim Woster, Director; Nancy Montross, Executive Secretary. All with a goal of offering beef to anyone, anywhere, without the need of refrigeration.

Beef Bucks are pre-paid checks that can be used to purchase beef or beef meals backed by one financial institution: First Dakota National Bank of Yankton, SD in the amounts of $5, $10, and $20. Beef Bucks have been used in more than 40 states in an assortment of establishments from fast food restaurants, steak houses, retail meat markets, grocery stores and home delivery services. Expired Beef Bucks that are unused, may be returned and replaced with a like amount. Retailers accepting the Beef Buck need only to deposit the check as they would any other check accepted in their establishment.

Beef Bucks are sold on a dollar for dollar exchange. To support the implementation of the program, the many projects Beef Bucks are involved with and the scholarship presentations, two editions of a Beef Recipe Collection have been put together for sale as well as sponsoring an annual golf tournament with producers, financial institutions and corporate entities participating.

Beef Bucks are also available on a VISA debit card. This debit card is loadable from $25 to $500 and is valid anywhere VISA is accepted. This VISA/Beef Buck card has an acquisition fee of $4.50 when initially loading the card. This debit card comes with a card and envelope for gift giving.

Over the course of time, thousands of pounds of beef have moved across the United States via Beef Bucks. Beef Bucks isn't just about selling the beef, it's an industry working together, believing in their product and wanting to share one of America's finest produced foods; delicious beef!

To order Beef Bucks by phone, call 1-888-640-MEAT

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